Flamenco at El Cid…Ole!

Few things last in LA. In a city where everyone is constantly searching for the next big thing- the new, yet to be discovered cool place to hang out- the hip and trendy flourish, while the older establishments fall by the wayside. Tradition and history don’t carry much weight with Los Angelenos, as one historical venue after another is shut down and replaced by something new.

However, one venue that has persevered against all odds is El Cid, a small restaurant/theater located on Sunset Blvd where the trendy areas of Los Feliz and Silverlake meet Hollywood. The building was built back in 1925, became El Cid in 1963, and has remained much the same ever since. It doesn’t look like much from the street, but as you step inside and descend the staircase, it opens up into a gorgeous Spanish courtyard, complete with fountains and a bar. If you continue to follow the hallway, it leads you to an old-world tavern style showroom.




Flamenco shows at El Cid have been performed since the supper club first opened its doors in 1963, and continue to happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. After hours, and on the other nights of the week, El Cid is host to a variety of other acts and performances. But the Flamenco shows are the reason to go here.

“With its bewildering beauty and passion, Flamenco has gained fans worldwide. Flamenco is a unique spectacle, captivating for all. Think of the fire, the passion and the defiance of those stomping feet, making Spanish flamenco dance an integral part of Spain’s culture. With its roots deeply embedded in Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, flamenco is a passionate music and dance art form. No two shows are ever the same” – El Cid website.


Tickets are $15, and it is recommended to buy them in advance online to guarantee your seat for the performance. The food at El Cid is incredible, so show up early, order some tapas and sangria, and settle in for an amazing show! There is no minimum purchase required, and all food and drink items are sold a la carte. El Cid’s menu features Spanish entrees and tapas, as well as a full bar. Ticket price includes show only. Show is open to all ages.




Flamenco at El Cid has been a part of Los Angeles history for over 50 years now, so stop by to check out one of the last remaining venues of old Hollywood! For more information on show dates and times, as well as to purchase tickets, visit the El Cid website.

El Cid is located at 4212 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Phone: 323.668.0318