The Whiskey Wanderer is Natalie Bates, a southern California girl with a love for traveling, the outdoors, and watching live music with a pint (or two) of Guinness!

She also loves red lipstick, tattoos, popcorn, laughing, thrift stores, the ocean, mystery novels, and buying food from street vendors.

Natalie graduated from FIDM and ASU with the intention of becoming a fashion stylist, but was soon after distracted by a deep sense of wanderlust and a passion for adventure. And also whiskey and Guinness. Her heart was captured by music and crazy adventures, never to return to dreams of a normal life. Now she is a freelance writer, which gives her the freedom to explore, stay out late on weeknights, and order that extra shot of whiskey. Writing this blog gives her the chance to show everyone all the really awesome things there are to do around her hometown of Los Angeles as well as the rest of the world!

When not off traveling to some far away destination, Natalie can be found dancing all over LA, watching music in the local pubs (especially her boyfriend’s band, Green ToDay), trying out new recipes, or enjoying the wide variety of activities southern CA has to offer.


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