Beer Halls!!

Munich is world famous for its beer. In addition to being the birthplace of Oktoberfest, Munich also boasts lots of lively beer halls, over 200 beer gardens, and 6 major breweries within the city limits. It is pretty much the beer capital of the world. I plan to return to Munich one day to participate in their Oktoberfest celebrations and spend a week doing nothing but drinking beer, but on this particular trip I only had time to visit one beer hall. The Hofbräuhaus is the most well-known of all Munich’s beer halls, which usually  = the most crowded. Though I would’ve loved to see it, as a solo female traveler I wasn’t particularly in the mood to place myself in the epicenter of loud, drunken revelry.

Instead, my journeys brought me to Augustiner Restaurant/Beer Hall, mostly because it is the most conveniently located of the beer halls, in the pedestrian walkway between Karlsplatz and Marienplatz. I passed by it everyday, and finally decided to stop in on my last night in Munich.


The original Augustiner began brewing beer as early as 1328, and has been serving its mild Edelstoff beer freshly tapped from wooden barrels in this current location since 1885.

I was starving upon arrival though, so I found a seat in the adjoining restaurant and ordered some sausages and sauerkraut. Plus beer of course! All meals are served with a basket of complimentary pretzels. Way better than dinner rolls or bread.


Pretzels instead of bread? Best restaurant EVER.



Oh delicious heaven on earth…

The restaurant was loud and lively, but in a good way. I would expect nothing less from a beer hall. It soon got really crowded, and I ended up sharing my table with some visitors from somewhere else in Germany who had come to Munich for the Fasching celebrations. I learned that combining small parties into one table when restaurants are crowded is a common practice in Germany. It actually makes a lot of sense to do that, and once I got over the initial culture shock, it was totally cool. They were really friendly, and I told them all about living in LA.


The food at Augustiner was absolutely delicious, and the beer was really good too!! I generally prefer darker beers, but this one tasted amazing paired with the sausage and sauerkraut. And because it was my last night of vacation, I decided to treat myself to some strudel for dessert. This meal is definitely one of the best I have ever eaten.


Ok, so my visit to the beer hall was a little less beer, and a lot more food. Drinking a lot at night while traveling alone just didn’t feel very smart. But even if you don’t want to drink (or just don’t like beer), it is still worth going to the Augustiner. There is no better place to eat authentic Bavarian food in true Bavarian fashion!

For hours of operation, directions, a print-out menu and other information, visit their website!

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