Extraterrestrial Snacks at Alien Fresh Jerky!

Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you don’t really have many places where you can stop for gas or food. The farther you get from LA, the most desolate the drive becomes.

And then you see it…the little town of Baker, rising out of the desert like a fast-food oasis. Of all the places to stop on the drive to Vegas (and by that I mean like the four cities you pass during the 3+ hour drive, length of journey depending on what part of LA you are coming from and how bad traffic is), this is my favorite. It feels like a nice halfway point. Plus Baker has something the other cities don’t: Alien Fresh Jerky!!

Selling fresh and delicious beef jerky and other assorted snacks in an extra-terrestrial themed shop, Alien Fresh Jerky is a must-see stop out in the California desert.


Gotta love the parking signs!

There are lots of fun alien photo-ops in the parking lot…


We come in peace



If you throw a few quarters into the UFO, you get a little show. Seriously, do it. It is hilariously bad and anti-climatic.


Being underwhelmed and confused by the UFO show…awesome hehe

But the best part of course is the jerky itself. They have lots of unique and interesting flavors, and you can sample as much as you want before buying anything. And the samples are self-serve, which I love, because I always feel so awkward asking employees for more samples.


This is seriously the best beef jerky you will find in the state of California.


My favorite flavor- Colon Cleaner Hot!!

Sure, you could stop at a regular fast-food restaurant or mini-mart for snacks on the road, but stopping for alien fun and deliciously amazing jerky at Alien Fresh Jerky is so much better!

And since you are stopping in Baker for Alien Fresh Jerky, while you are there be sure to look across the street…Baker is also home to the World’s Tallest Thermometer!

If you never find yourself passing through Baker but still want to try this amazing jerky, visit their online store.

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