Mickey’s Halloween Party!

All the parts of Halloween I love the most have absolutely nothing to do with scary stuff. Which is why of all the local Halloween events out there, Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland is my favorite! Happening on select dates throughout the month of October, Mickey’s Halloween Party is a special event that occurs after the park closes to the public. In the early evening (around 5 or 6 p.m., depending on the day), Disneyland closes to the general public and remains open for only guests of the party. And then the Halloween fun begins!!

They only sell a limited number of tickets for this event, which is cool because it keeps the crowd fairly small (compared to a normal day at Disneyland). None of the lines for rides are very long, especially later in the evening. But the best part about Mickey’s Halloween Party is that you are allowed to wear costumes! This is the only time adults and older kids are allowed to wear costumes inside the park, so we always take advantage of it. This year, my family and I dressed up as characters from ‘Cinderella.’



Me as Cinderella and my mom as the Fairy Godmother


During the Halloween Party, there are several “Treat Trails” throughout the park. These are pretty much just like going trick-or-treating! And the adults can do it too (yes!!).



These giant ghost Mickey’s are at the entrance to every Treat Trail, so you can spot them from afar

12087276_10153072421861227_5839172888975610689_oAs you walk through the Treat Trail, you stop at stands along the way where Disneyland employees give you massive amounts of candy (this is included in the price of your admission ticket). And you can go through the Treat Trails as many times as you want. Yay for candy!!


Candy stand!



Look at all this candy… nom nom nom

If getting boatloads of free candy isn’t your thing, don’t worry- all of the rides, restaurants, and shops remain open during the party.


It’s A Small World, decorated for the party



Haunted Mansion!




Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy…a special version of the ride they do during the Halloween season

And yes, it is super fun going on rides dressed like Cinderella.

The whole event is filled with Halloween fun, like this candy corn colored cotton candy:




And the Cadaver Dans Barbershop Quarter, singing spooky songs in the mists of the Rivers of America:


And then all the cool Halloween decorations they only put out during Mickey’s Halloween Party:


The fog crawls over the Rivers of America



Jack’o Lanterns surround Walt Disney



Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, spooky version!

Mainstreet is always one of my favorite places to photograph…





Rides, costumes, and lots of candy…Mickey’s Halloween Party is the perfect place to go to enjoy Halloween the way you used to when you were a kid! Oh, and the kids will like it too.



We really love Coke and popcorn ❤


This event always sells out, so make sure to get your tickets early!! Tickets can be purchased online through the Disneyland website.

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