Hiking in the Hat Shop

The main amphitheater of Bryce Canyon is so breathtaking, it’s easy to forget there are other areas of the park. But the other sections are just as stunning and definitely deserve some attention! There are several hikes outside of the main amphitheater to choose from, and we ended up choosing the Hat Shop trail because, well, half of our group was girls and we love shopping!DSCN3003


The Hat Shop trail is a moderate trail and 4-miles roundtrip.


Lots of beautiful panoramic views along the way of valleys and canyons… and then you find the hat shop! Which is actually just balanced rock hoodoos.


There are no signs marking your arrival at the hat shop formation. And furthermore, the trail continues past the hat shop and connects with another trail, so if you keep hiking past the hat shop, your hike will be a whole heck of a lot longer than 4 miles. This is not a loop trail- once you reach the hat shop, turn around and go back the way you came.





Another useful thing to note is that the insects were awful on this trail. My friend decided the insects were too intense and picked up one of these stylin’ mosquito nets at the general store.


Joe hated the insects…



Snack break! We convinced Joe to take the net off for the picture haha



After the hike we checked out the couple scenic viewpoints near the trailhead. I think these were some of the best views in the park, so definitely stop by Bryce Point and Inspiration Point even if you don’t hike the Hat Shop trail.





For a list of other moderate hiking options in Bryce Canyon, click here!

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