Where to Stay in Bryce Canyon?

The good news about finding a place to stay in Bryce Canyon is that there are a lot of lodging options and availability. The bad news is that Bryce Canyon is a really popular park, so if you go during peak season, good luck finding any openings.


There is a lodge on site, but since we didn’t stay there, I don’t know how early you should make your reservations. However, if the campgrounds are any indication, I would recommend booking your room as early as possible. For rates and reservations, check out their website. There are two restaurants at the lodge, one that looks pretty upscale (aka pricey), and a more casual pizzeria (that has free wifi, yay!). We decided to eat at Valhalla Pizzeria and Coffee Shop on our first night in Bryce Canyon. After a day of traveling and struggling to find a campsite (more on that in a minute) the last thing we wanted to do was cook. And with how cold it was outside, a piping hot calzone really was simply perfection…



In addition to the lodge, there is also a lovely visitor center and a general store. The general store carries any supplies you might need during your stay, but even more importantly, this is where you will find the shower facilities that serve both campgrounds. Tokens for the showers can be purchased in the general store.


The Visitor Center

Now Bryce Canyon has two different campgrounds, North Campground and Sunset Campground. Both are rather large, with over 80 tent and RV camping sites available in each campground. Unfortunately, most of these sites are first come, first served. Which during peak season = a nightmare. Upon our arrival, there was a frenzy of cars desperately searching through both campgrounds trying to find any open spaces. It felt like going shopping on Black Friday, when shoppers are going crazy trying to get all the good deals before anyone else can. It was pure madness. Definitely one of those situations where you just want to take the first site you find and don’t try to hold out for a better one. We drove all through North Campground… completely full. Then we tried Sunset Campground. I kid you not, we literally grabbed the last site available. It was technically reserved for RVs only, but the campground host was super cool and let us use it anyways. By the early afternoon on a weekday, both campgrounds were full. So get there early, and don’t hesitate too long making decisions. Take whatever you can find before someone else does.


During one of our days in Bryce Canyon we decided we wanted hot dogs for lunch (we had leftovers, having opted to eat at the restaurant. And we don’t waste food). However it was crazy super windy and cold! Trying to light the stove was a real struggle. But we were determined!


Human windshields!!



After we finally had hot dog success, it was decided that it was entirely too cold to stay outdoors (hey, we are Californians!) so we had a car picnic! I love my friends for our never ending ability to roll with the punches.


Case in point #2: we forgot cooking supplies, and used skewers to prepare baked potatoes.


Case in point #3: We also didn’t remember tongs for cooking, so we wrapped tin foil around a pair of pliers. And voila!




Oh yeah… we also hate doing dishes. So we made plates out of foil as well.


No trip is complete without sampling the local beer! I tried Uinta Brewing Co’s Hoodoo beer, because, well, we were in Bryce Canyon! I kinda had to.


And then a few random pictures from our camping adventures…




For information on the campgrounds in Bryce Canyon, click here!

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