Old Bryce Town: A Stroll Through the Fake Old West Filled With Souvenir Shopping!

If you are heading into Bryce Canyon National Park from the North/West, you will no doubt pass straight through a cute little touristy town called Bryce Canyon City. This is a cool place to stop on your way into the park. There are gas stations, restaurants, lodging options, and a huge general store where you can stock up on supplies. But even better, there is a small reproduction Old West town called Old Bryce Town, which is really just a themed shopping area. As suckers for all things ridiculous and kitschy, clearly we had to go. DSCN2938


Silly photo ops? Yes please!!




As crazy hot as it was in Capitol Reef National Park, it was as crazy cold in Bryce Canyon (we visited both parks during the last week of June, as a point of reference). But that didn’t stop us from getting ice cream!



Proof we were in Utah: free copies of The Book of Mormon!


There was also a really cool shop selling all kinds of rocks and gemstones, for all you budding geologists out there (which I am most definitely not, but my sister loves that stuff so we had to check it out).



However, it was really fun spraying all the rocks with the water bottles they provided so you could see what the rocks look like when they are clean and shiny. It was cool seeing all the colors change.


There were so many souvenirs you could buy, ranging from normal tourist stuff to fancy art made by local artists. I wouldn’t go out of my way to stop by Old Bryce Town, but if you are already passing through, it’s fun to spend maybe an hour there just being silly tourists. Plus you can’t really buy much in the way of supplies inside Bryce Canyon, so if nothing else, stop by to pick up anything you think you might need.


So take the time to stop by Old Bryce Town, because this small cowboy says so! And you can’t say no to small cowboys.

Open daily 8:00am – 10:00pm (Summer Season)

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