La Musique Francaise au Troubadour

Even if you have never been to Los Angeles, odds are fairly high you have heard of the Troubadour. This iconic venue is where many legendary musicians of the 1960s-90s got their big break into the music industry. A quick glance through the Troubadour’s history is well worth the time. Bands like Metallica and Warrant played their debut shows at the Troubadour, Eagles’ members Don Henley and Glenn Frey met there, groups such as Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan were known to stop by for late night jam sessions…the list goes on and on.

Luckily for music fans, the Troubadour is still a functioning music venue today. They are host to live bands from all over the world, the majority of whom are lesser known artists, which is in keeping with the Troubadour’s early years. Recently one of my best friends had an extra ticket to see French-Canadian performer Coeur de Pirate at the Troubadour, and I jumped at the chance to go with her! Not only was I super excited to go to this amazing venue, but I also love checking out new bands.



There is no official parking lot for the Troubadour, but there is a parking structure across the street the costs around $15 for the evening. And they know when there is a concert so they are sure to stay open late enough to accommodate concert goers.

The Troubadour is standing room only, and guests are permitted to start lining up outside the venue an hour before the doors open.



The front bar inside the venue is like a small music history museum. Be sure to take a few minutes to see the cool stuff they have on display!



Whiskey in hand, I was ready to see the show! Knowing I was in a place that once housed Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan was beyond awesome!! It was enough to make any music lover giddy.



Sophie Auster opened for Coeur de Pirate, and I was blown away by her performance. Auster’s songs are a melodic blend of soulful lyrics and folk-inspired music that all at once feels pleasantly retro and thoroughly modern. She played an acoustic set that combined original music and cover songs, and by the time she finished, I knew I had to buy her album.



And then it was time for Coeur de Pirate!


Coeur de Pirate, featuring singer/songwriter/pianist Beatrice Martin, hails from Montreal and has a sound uniquely their own. Combining elements of indie rock, pop, classic rock, electronic, and dance music, Coeur de Pirate put on a show that had the audience dancing and singing along till the very end. Martin’s soulful songwriting (though granted, she sang half of the songs in French so I am not sure what they were about) was perfectly suited to the intimacy of this small venue, and she formed a connection with her audience members, creating an awesome energy in the room.






A couple things that are important to note before heading to a show at the Troubadour are to be prepared to stand for a really long time, and to dress cool because the venue gets incredibly hot and humid. There is about zero air flow inside once the floor gets packed, so you will likely head home drenched in sweat and with sore feet. But really, it is a small price to pay to experience live music in a historic place.


For a calendar of upcoming shows at the Troubadour and to purchase tickets, visit their website.

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