Fun at the LA County Fair!

I love the fair. Fried foods, carnival rides, midway games, farm animals, concerts, awesome shopping…and that’s just the standard fair stuff. The LA County Fair also has wine and craft beer tasting, a flower and garden building with beautiful floral arrangements, an art gallery, vintage car show, and fun interactive exhibit halls. This fair is huge- even if you tried, you couldn’t see everything in one day. I usually like to go more than once, but this year time did not permit, and so this post represents only a small fraction of the things you can do at the LA County Fair.


Our first stop was America’s Kids, the building where the children’s arts and crafts competition entries are displayed, and where there are awesome themed interactive exhibits. This years theme was a library, so the building was full of fun activities based on children’s books. This was the Willy Wonka chocolate factory area where guests could don lab coats and play around in a fake candy factory and play some fun games about chocolate:




This was a game where you had to guess what candy bar it was based on a cut-out picture showing the insides:


And then this was a cute photo op with silly little props:


The building also has free crafts that kids (or adults haha) can do:


America’s Kids may be geared towards children, but trust me- it is just as much fun for adults too. The exhibit designer always does an amazing job of throwing in lots of clever, funny references that adults will appreciate, and there are tons of hidden, cute surprises throughout the building. Definitely worth spending some time in this building!

And of course it wouldn’t be a county fair without eating some gnarly food. My best friend and I split one of these magnificent turkey legs:

photo 4




And then we checked out “Popnology,” which featured displays about pop culture and technology, and also had fun interactive exhibits. Seeing these displays of old rides from Disneyland sure brought back a lot of childhood memories…anyone else remember the Peoplemover??




And then there were some pretty cool displays and activities based on science fiction movies, such as one of my all-time favs, ‘Jurassic Park.’


Here you could use the robot to turn the dinosaur eggs, just like in the movie!!



And then there was an area about technological advances in music. Guests could even try out electric drum sets and electric guitars. Pretty cool. I liked this display about the invention of records:


This year there was a fun new ice cream stand- Ice Cream Garden!


They served ice cream with fun toppings in these cute little pots.



The ice cream was just average ice cream, definitely nothing to write home about. But the novelty of eating a tiny ice cream garden was worth every penny!



We didn’t go on any rides this year, but it wouldn’t feel right to leave without taking a picture of a ferris wheel. So here it is. It is nearly impossible to time it right to capture the letters all lit up at the same time. Maybe next year I will be more successful?


Strolling through the flower building is a great way to escape the heat for a few minutes.


This years theme was ‘Mardi Gras,’ and the floral arrangements were beautiful!




And while you are in the area, after looking at all the pretty flowers head next door to sample award-winning wine, beer, and spirits! You can try wines from all over the world, and grab a glass to enjoy while you continue your journey through the fair.

Before we went home, we had to get one last piece of fried food:



Deep fried stuff and cheese: two of my favorite things!

Not pictured: we did tons of shopping and visited the farm animals. There is a clothing booth that comes every year, and carries brands sold at Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom, but you can buy them here at the fair for $10-$15 each. Awesome!!

The fair opens on Labor Day Weekend and runs throughout the month of September. For information on next year’s fair, visit

Have a favorite booth or exhibit at the fair? Tell me about it in the comments! I love hearing about cool new things to check out 🙂

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