Cache Valley Cheese Outlet – Beaver, UT

Stopping to buy cheese curds when passing through Utah has become a bit of a tradition for my friends and me. They are so delicious, and that wonderful squeaky sound they make when you eat them just adds to their delightfulness. Then a couple years ago, we discovered that one of the brands we buy all the time has a factory outlet in Beaver, UT. We decided then and there, that the next time we were in Utah, we were stopping.


Located right off of the 15 fwy, it is very easy to find. Plus stopping in a town called Beaver is full of it’s own reasons to add this in to your road trip itinerary, like eating at Beaver Taco, or buying merchandise that says “I Love Beaver”. Cause we have the sense of humor of a teenage boy haha.


Woooo!! Made it to the cheese outlet. As we were arriving, a huge tour bus pulled up and dropped tons of tourists off at the factory. So the store was CROWDED.


Fun fact: this was actually our second attempt trying to stop here. The first time, it was closed. So when we saw the “open” sign, we were beyond ourselves with excitement! We really love cheese.


Oh the glorious things you could buy!!!


Definitely had to stock up on cheese curds. They had all sorts of cheeses here, as well as other dairy products, such as ice cream. I was happy with just my cheese curds though. Finding good cheese curds in southern CA is nearly impossible.


Cache Valley Cheese is a totally fun store, and if you are heading along the 15 fwy through Utah, definitely take a few minutes to stop in and try some cheeses! The random stops on road trips are always the best.

For a listing of products, visit the Cache Valley website.

The DFA Cache Valley Cheese Store is located at 330 W. 300 South
Beaver, UT 84713, phone: (435) 438-2421

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