Kayaking Alamitos Bay!

When I heard there was a bay near Long Beach where you could kayak to shops and restaurants, I was more than intrigued. I have done plenty of sea kayaking before, but usually it’s to all the normal places: sea caves, private beaches, etc. But this, was something new and different. And so I grabbed my friends and headed for Los Alamitos!


The bay itself isn’t anything spectacular. From the bay, there are a series of canals which you can take to get to various locations. One canal takes you past expensive yachts and houses, but the kayak rental company advises only going that way if you are confident in your kayaking skills, as it is fairly narrow and you definitely don’t want to hit rich people boats. We are experienced kayakers, but we skipped that canal anyways, because frankly, it didn’t even sound fun.


Kayaking through the bay and other canals was a lot of fun though. The water was very calm, so it made for easy kayaking. It was kind of crowded, and there were boats everywhere, so definitely stay alert and keep to the right hand side of the canals.


Down some of the canals, there are designated docks where you can park your kayak and head to the shops and restaurants! The kayak rental company provides a map so you know which docks are ok to use, and which canals to take to get to specific destinations.


There were tons of options, but we decided upon Starbucks because the opportunity to drink Starbucks while kayaking seemed too good to pass up.


Case in point: frappuccino on a kayak. Definitely a very Southern CA thing to do. Californians really do love our beaches and Starbucks…



And back in Alamitos Bay! Our trip took us about 2 or so, which included stopping at Starbucks, and a side trip to Spinnaker Bay, where there are supposedly moon-jellies (jellyfish that are safe to touch due to not being able to sting…we didn’t see any).


Alamitos Bay is a great choice for first time kayakers because of how protected the bay is. There are no waves at all, and there are boats and docks everywhere so getting help in case of an emergency would be super easy. Plus the staff at the kayak rental booth are very helpful and show everyone (no matter how experienced you are) an instructional video before they let you out on the water.


For additional information about kayak rentals and directions to Alamitos Bay, visit kayakrentals.net.

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