I Love Weed (CA)

Far up North in California, resting beneath the shadow of Mt Shasta, lies the little town of Weed. Never ones to pass up a town with a funny name, my friends and I decided to stop by and pay Weed a visit on our way up to Oregon…

Not that you can really see it in the pictures, but this was my first time seeing Mt Shasta so I was pretty excited. Dang clouds. Though a shop owner we spoke to in Weed said the views are spectacular on a clear day.



I love when stores take advantage of clever/funny naming opportunities!! Naturally we had to go in.




The shop did not disappoint. It was filled with delightfully touristy souvenirs, emblazoned with Weed-related jokes and puns. Who can resist a baseball hat that reads “I Love Weed (California)”?


For those who are interested in Weed as more than just a joke on clothing items, this shop does indeed sell supplies intended for the use of tobacco that you could use for enjoying the town’s namesake.

The bottom line, is if you need to make a pit stop on your journey through Northern CA, it may as well be somewhere with stunning mountain views and bad jokes all around you. A little humor sure helps during those long drives!

I will leave you with this picture of a magnificent iron dragon who guards the roads near the Oregon border. One of the many, many reasons I am a strong advocate for road trips!


Enjoy Weed!

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