Eating and Drinking My Way Through Solvang

A little over 2 hours North from Los Angeles, nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley, is the Danish village of Solvang. As famous for its food and drink as it is for traditional Danish architecture, no visit to Solvang is complete without sampling the local food.

My time there was limited, so I only got to try a couple places. First up: The Succulent Cafe.


This restaurant served sandwiches, salads, and other assorted deli-type foods in addition to an awesome selection of locally brewed beers. I had a tuna sandwich and a Figueroa Mountain Danish Red Ale, both of which were excellent. And the cafe played awesome classic rock tunes during our lunch there. Pair that with ample seating and a fun staff, and that makes Succulent Cafe a win in my book!



After lunch we strolled through the town for a bit, and checked out some of the shops.


And then, we found aebleskivers! For those who are unfamiliar with these, they are pretty much a Danish version of donuts, and they are absolutely amazing! No visit to Solvang is complete without ordering a tray of these deep-fried balls of tasty goodness.



Unfortunately our tight travel schedule did not permit for any additional food or beverage samplings, but my next visit to Solvang will definitely include wine and chocolate!





I was only able to spend a couple hours in Solvang, which is plenty to get a feel for the town and try some of the delicious food, but you could just as easily spend an entire weekend here and never run out of things to eat, drink, and see. So whether just passing through or as a romantic weekend getaway, Solvang is a must-see destination for anyone who has a love for food and drink.

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