Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach is a fun beach, and has a variety of activities everyone can enjoy. There are shops and restaurants right next to the beach, and there are even more places to eat and buy things right across the street in the city. Imperial Beach is a more commercialized beach, so if you are looking for a tranquil beach stroll, this is not the beach for you. This beach is all about the fun!



The pier made for a very pleasant evening stroll, with a beautiful California sunset in the background.






Just a couple words of advice for visiting Imperial Beach: the parking is kind of tough. There is no designated beach lot, so you have to park at meters or pricey lots down the street. In addition, I have been stung by a sting ray at this beach before while surfing early in the morning, so if you go early in the day, exercise caution and shuffle your feet along the ground to kick up the sand and scare off the sting rays. Nothing ruins a beach day faster than having to stick your foot in boiling water to stop the poison from spreading, and then having your foot periodically start gushing blood throughout the rest of the day. Don’t let possible sting rays deter you from visiting this beach though! They are virtually nonexistent by the afternoon, having been scared off by the morning crowd.

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