Kalapaki Beach and Shopping in Nawiliwili

No more than maybe 10-15 minutes on foot from the port of Nawiliwili you can find lots of fun shops, bars, and restaurants. They aren’t all cute and touristy like some of the other port cities, but look more like where the locals would go to spend an evening or run their errands. So is it the best shopping destination? No. But it is pretty much the only thing you can do in Kauai from the cruise ship port without renting a car or taking a cab.

If you are in the market for silly souvenirs or inexpensive Hawaiian print clothing, then these shops are definitely worth checking out! Even these chickens went out dress shopping…


And my sister and I bought matching sarongs!


A little farther down the street (away from the cruise ship) you will find Kalapaki Beach, in front of the Marriott Hotel. So after we finished our shopping we continued our journey until we reached the beach. We didn’t have time for a full beach experience, but we at least wanted to step foot on a beach in Kauai, and this was the closest one to the cruise ship.


The beach! I loved the sand here… it was so soft and fine!





There are many facilities available at Kalapaki Beach, and the calm waters, separated from the open ocean by a large break wall, make it a perfect beach for swimming and learning water sports. Additional information about Kalapaki Beach can be found here.

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