Road to Hana!

Welcome to Maui! We got off the cruise ship bright and early to discover…rain? And not fun, warm, tropical kind of rain. It was the cold kind. The kind that makes you cover yourself with anything warm you can find and seek shelter. On the bright side, our plan for the day involved a lot of being inside the car. The down side, we were doing the Road to Hana, an exceptionally curvy mountain road, some of which is a single lane highway. But we were not to be deterred by uncooperative weather!


The cruise line offered tours of the Road to Hana, but we wanted to be able to stop wherever we felt like it, so we rented a car, grabbed a map of Maui, and hit the road! The rental car companies make it very easy for cruise ship passengers to get their cars. They have shuttles that pick you up at the dock and take you to the rental car lot. Nice and simple!


As far as I can tell, there actually isn’t anything in Hana to go see. The point of taking this road is simply to enjoy the drive, as it is one of the most beautiful drives in the country. Gorgeous waterfalls and lush rainforests line the sides of the road, and there are lots of places you can turn off to take photos, go for a hike, or do a little shopping.

First stop! Just a turn out to take pictures of this road side waterfall. But hey! At least the rain stopped.


Next stop! This time we stopped at this cool little farmstand that was at the trailhead for a hike to Twin Falls.


Always a sucker for food sold on the side of roads, I had to buy this coconut. And then took it on the hike with me. Gotta stay hydrated! Ha.



Due to all the rain, parts of the trail were a tad flooded. Still safe to hike though, just be sure to exercise caution if you are ever in this situation, because the water had an oddly strong current and was a little slippery.



Twin Falls! This hike was easy, short, and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it!!



Back on the road! More waterfall photos taken from the back seat of a Dodge Charger-





Lunch stop! A lot of the stores/roadside stands/restaurants were closed, either due to it being a slow time of year for tourism, or because of the bad weather. But we found this cool place that had a couple places to eat and shop. I had fish tacos, and my goodness they were delicious!!


And then I popped into this little cafe and bought a white chocolate macadamia nut latte. And because the man working there was so nice, friendly, and awesome, I also bought a loaf of his handmade banana coconut pineapple bread, which was also delicious!


Just look at it… that is a fine loaf of bread!


And back on the road!



Our noble steed for the day-


The Road to Hana is a super curvy road. If you are prone to motion sickness, I would recommend taking any precautionary measures possible. Once you start the road, you have to go back the same way (it is not a loop, and more or less dead ends once you reach Hana), so however miserable you feel on the way in, just remember you have to repeat it. And it takes a couple hours each way, even without making any stops. So allow plenty of time and drive carefully!

All that driving made us hungry. And there was only one place we could eat (as far as I was concerned at least): the Hard Rock Cafe Maui!! It is located almost as far away from the Road to Hana as it can possibly be, but my wonderful family willingly made the trek with me so I could cross another Hard Rock off my list. This one is located right on the beach… very cool.




The local burger! I honestly cannot remember what was on this one, but it was definitely good. Not Honolulu local burger good, but good.



A successful end to our first day in Maui! We made one other stop along the Road to Hana, but it was a big one, and needs its own post. To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Road to Hana!

    • The burger was amazing!! I always have to try the local burger at all the Hard Rock Cafes I visit, because they are unique to each location. It’s like a burger bucket list haha. Maui was a beautiful island, and all the rain made it even better!

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