Nu’uanu Pali Lookout

My mom discovered this state park in a Hawaii travel magazine, and decided we had to go. Not because of the spectacular views it is said to have, but because it is supposedly so windy at the lookout that you can lean into the wind and it will support your body weight. Sounded intriguing…

The Nu’uanu Lookout is a short drive from downtown Honolulu and was easy to find. Entrance fee is $3 per car, and was cash only, payable via envelopes in a deposit box on the honor system. So I guess if you were feeling like being a bad person you could go for free, but why not just pay the $3 and support the parks system? Much better karma.

After getting out of the car we were greeted by chickens. Lots of chickens. I found the site to be particularly funny, since I had never seen chickens in a tree before. Actually, I had never even seen chickens outside of a farm before.


This chicken was exceptionally glorious. I liked the way it draped over the branch hehe.



No wind so far, but I did appreciate this cautionary sign:


Views from the lookout:




I am sad to report there was absolutely no wind while we were there, which was disappointing as it was our main reason for stopping here. However, the views really were quite nice, and we found out that this is a seriously important historical site from the time when King Kamehameha I fought to unify Hawaii under his rule, which you can read about here, as well as get additional information on visiting this state park.

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