Road trip to Arizona!

Back in May, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree online from Arizona State University. Yay! Lucky for me, I live close enough to the school that I was able to drive out there to participate in the graduation ceremony, so my family and I piled into the car on a Thursday night and headed to Arizona!

Anyone who has driven the 10 E through southern CA will be familiar with sight… no matter how many times I have seen them, I still always think the wind turbines across the desert look really cool!


Just some light snacks for the road (yes, these are all mine)…


And 6 hours later, we were in Phoenix! Spent the night, woke up early the next morning, and went to my graduation! (Pictures not included, cause frankly graduations are boring to everyone except the graduate). After the ceremony, we celebrated by grabbing lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix. Wooo another shot glass to add to my collection!



Always gotta try the local burger! I mean, this one had bacon wrapped hot dogs on it!


And then back on the road! Since we were already out there, we decided to stay an extra night and go check out Saguaro National Park near Tuscon. It was roughly 2 hours between Phoenix and Tuscon, and the drive goes fairly quickly. However, for the second half of that drive, there isn’t really anywhere to stop, so make sure you have gas, go to the bathroom, and have any snacks you might need before then! We stopped at this fun little souvenir/snack shop, and were amused by the all the fireworks you could buy (most fireworks are illegal throughout the majority of southern CA). For only $600, this whole box could be yours….


Yay for popsicles! The weather may have been bad and rainy all weekend, but it was still warm.


We stayed at this hilarious hotel about 10-20 minutes from the park. It was located inside a senior citizen mobile home community, and upon arrival, we seriously doubted whether we were in the right place. But we were… weird. However, this place ended up being totally awesome! There was a delicious and reasonably priced restaurant on site, and three pools! Maybe it was because of the weather, or perhaps because of the odd location of the hotel, but my sister and I were the only people using any of the pools. Yay for not having to share! Arizona Tea in hand (I felt like I kinda had to) we hit the pools!



All refreshed and relaxed, we were ready to adventure into Saguaro National Park in the morning! To be continued…

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