Accidental Day in Jaco!

We woke up in the morning all set to take a snorkeling trip to Tortuga Island. Gear all packed up and ready to go, we sat outside of our hotel sipping delicious Costa Rican coffee waiting for the tour to pick us up. 45 minutes and 3 cups of coffee later, we were still waiting. So we called the tour company to find out what was going on. Turns out, somehow they messed up and thought they were picking us up somewhere else, and by now, it was too late to do anything about it. So we missed our tour.

However, never ones to be discouraged by things going wrong, we decided to create our own beach adventure! We hired a driver for the day (not as expensive as it sounds….he was with us for over 10 hours, 5 of which were spent driving, and it only cost us $200. Win!!) and headed to Jaco, a town famous for its surfing and cool beach vibes. Our driver was super awesome… really friendly, played good music on the radio, and got us safely to Jaco, no problem. It was a really hot day, and we had been chatting in the back of the taxi about how tasty a refreshing beverage would be, and without us even having to ask, our driver took us to this amazing little roadside fruit stand that blended these incredible smoothies…

jac 1

jac 2

And soon enough, we made it to Jaco!

jac 3

jac 4

jac 5

The water was amazing… it felt like swimming in bath water.

jac 6

jac 7

jac 8

A trip to a popular surf spot wouldn’t be complete without sitting and watching the surfers!

jac 9

The beach is lined with restaurants, bars, and shops, so before heading home, we grabbed a late lunch at a cute restaurant on the beach.

jac 10

jac 11

jac 12

This is their version of fish tacos… the struggle to eat it was very real, but it sure was tasty!

jac 13

Rum punch, fish tacos, warm water, and surfers… what more could a girl ask for?

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