Tabacon Hot Springs Resort

As part of the tour we booked to see Arenal National Park, we also got to visit Tabacon Hot Springs Resort! Due to all the geothermal activity, the area surrounding Arenal Volcano is filled with natural hot springs. My friends and I are drawn to hot springs like a moth to a flame, so this tour was seriously the coolest thing ever. Hiking around a volcano followed by soaking in hot springs? Perfection! There are many different hot spring resorts in the area, but we only visited Tabacon, which is supposedly one of the more luxurious resorts. Since I have no other point of reference, I can’t say whether or not that is actually true, but Tabacon is absolutely gorgeous, and had dozens and dozens of pools of varying temperatures. We were there for 3 hours, and were only able to enjoy a small fraction of what the resort had to offer.

tab 1

tab 2

View of Arenal Volcano from the swim-up bar at the resort-

tab 3

Enjoying the pools…

tab 13

I love that this is a pool we could actually go in… I’m pretty sure this would never be a thing in CA. Gotta love foreign countries!!

tab 4

We had only been at the resort for maybe an hour when the rain started to pour. And pour. And pour. And then continued to pour for the rest of our time there. While this deterred many of the other guests at the resort, we figured, we are already in bathing suits and playing in pools- what’s a little more water?

This is how soggy my hair got after about 2 minutes of being in the rain…it was really raining a lot.

tab 6

And then the necessary “playing in the rain” pics-

tab 5

tab 7

tab 8

This tour to Tabacon Hot Springs Resort was so awesome, it even came with a fabulous buffet dinner!!

View from the restaurant overlooking the hot springs…it was a really awesome dining experience, eating while hearing the rain outside. Very cool.

tab 9

tab 10

My delicious feast-

tab 11

tab 12

After a very long and exhausting day, we hit the road again for the 3-hour drive back to San Jose. And my friends and I talked non-stop for all of it. ***Public Service Announcement: If you want to sleep on a bus ride, don’t sit near a group of females*** By the end of the drive, I’m pretty sure everyone near us knew more than they cared to about our love lives.

Our stay at Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Arenal Volcano only lasted a day, but I would definitely visit that area again someday. There was so much we didn’t get to see, but this tour provided a good sampling of what the area had to offer. My recommendation: if you are short on time or money, a 1-day tour like this is a great way to still get to see the Arenal/La Fortuna area, but if you can spare more days and have a bigger trip budget, it would be worth staying a night or two.


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