Ziplining in Costa Rica!

What trip to Costa Rica is complete without an adrenaline-rushing trip down a zipline? As one of my bucket list items, making this happen during our stay was an absolute necessity! We found a great tour through viator, and so with our stomachs full of gallo pinto, we set off on yet another adventure!

Our guides picked us up in the late morning, and drove us to the Sarapiqui River. We boarded a boat for a short river cruise that took us to the ranch where we would be ziplining.

Sarapiqui River

River Cruise



Perk to taking a weekday tour during the off-season- we were the only ones on the tour. Gotta love getting a private tour for the cost of a group tour! Upon arriving at the ranch, ours guides suited us up in the zipline gear, and informed us we would be riding horses to get to the start of the zipline. Now, I am terrified of horseback riding (I don’t trust animals), but always a good sport and up for anything, I climbed on that horse!

zipline prep

horseback riding

Turns out, I am still terrified of horseback riding. But hey, at least I gave it another chance!

After a quick safety and instructional briefing, we were ready to head up into the trees. Something they don’t ever tell you about ziplining (but I guess should be fairly obvious) is how many dang ladders there are to climb! It was hot, humid, and the ladders were ridiculously high. We were all exhausted after climbing the first one!



Did I mention how high they were? Look how small we look on the ground compared to my sister climbing the ladder!


The reward for making it to the top of these ladders was well worth it though.



Weeeeee!!! Down the zipline I go!!


This particular course was a series of 10 ziplines connected by brief rainforest hikes, hanging bridges, and MORE LADDERS.


I think this sign is meant as a joke, but kind of for real. Ziplining is an incredible experience, but way more exhausting than we expected. So worth it though!!


Seriously, if you ever get a chance, try ziplining. It was really easy to do (except those ladders…), and the guides are with you the entire time, making sure everyone stays safe. My recommendations: wear closed-toe shoes that stay on your feet well, clothes that dry easily when wet (cause it gets super sweaty under those harnesses with all that humidity and stuff), and if you have any trouble with ladders, maybe rethink taking a zipline excursion.

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